Prospects for the Insurance Sector: A Scientific Analysis of Uzbekistan's Case

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Yusupov Yusupjon Shavkat ugli


This scientific article aims to explore the prospects of the insurance sector, using Uzbekistan as a case study. Uzbekistan, due to its growing economy and emerging market, provides a unique opportunity to analyze the potential growth and challenges faced by the insurance industry. The study employs a comprehensive analysis of the current insurance landscape, regulatory framework, and future prospects, while drawing valuable insights from international experiences. The findings highlight the crucial role of effective regulation, technological advancements, and customer awareness in shaping the prospects of the insurance sector in Uzbekistan.

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Yusupov Yusupjon Shavkat ugli. “Prospects for the Insurance Sector: A Scientific Analysis of Uzbekistan’s Case”. HOLDERS OF REASON, vol. 1, no. 1, Oct. 2023, pp. 46-48,


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